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Dear Friend,

My name is Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU. I often find it hard to describe myself not because I don’t know what to say, but because I wear many caps. However, for this book, I am a writer, a speaker and a philosopher. When I started life application storytelling in 2016, my intention was not to change the world. I just wanted to explore the creative side of me after being soaked in pure academic life for years


why i wrote this book for you

After a year of actively writing, the feedback started coming, and the stories began to travel around the world. Inboxes started getting filled with questions, and “thank you” alike. At that point, I started being intentional about making wisdom go viral, and I took it upon myself to change lives with more life application stories. I continued to show up, and the world around me started changing gradually. In response to the popular demand of putting all these stories that have changed lives, shifted mindsets and transformed people’s approach to life, I am glad to put these gems in your hand.

in this book you’ll discover.

Are you tired of living a frustrated life?. Do you have questions that have lingered for long without answers?. Do you need a daily dose of Godly wisdom through simple life experiences?. Then, I have written this book for you.

This book contains wisdom on various issues of life, and stories have been written in simple and understandable English. You can judge from the title that I have explored the power of simplicity and relatable storytelling to build valuable lessons for life and destiny.

however, I want to give you the book to read…Absolutely FREE!!

Why am i doing this?

I am sharing with you, my new book:  UNDERSTANDING TO THE SIMPLE My intention is to make wisdom go viral at no cost for you at all.

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