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You are blaming the “village people” again

At the beginning of this year, your energy to hunt opportunities was out of this world. You were ready to take the world, but all that energy died before January ended.

In February, you never opened any links people shared with you because they were too many, and your 2 gigabytes of data will finish on time. You, however, were in the comment of a celebrity trolling her with the same internet data.

In March, your brother shared a link to a scholarship with you. He even prepared some of the documents for you; all you needed to do was brush up on your CV and write a statement of purpose. You procrastinated till the deadline passed because you found writing very hard. You, however, tweeted more than 500 banters on Twitter that same month.

In April, some of your friends were enrolling in coding classes, and they used phones to learn and gathered around one computer to practice on weekends. You did not join them because you cannot share one computer, yet you can share one computer to play games all night.

Your friends were attending information sessions of different fellowships, schools and corporate organizations all through June and July; you were at home running a generator to watch all movie seasons. It was August and September, and many of your friends were receiving offers for opportunities, scholarships, fellowships, startup funding, mergers, business acquisitions and so on. You started envying.

It is October, you are now in the “God when” mood. You have blamed village people 500 times today alone. There is surely a time for everything but ask yourself if you gave your chance with all the decisions you have made this year.

It is not too late to redress and restrategize. The best time to start is now. May you finish this year strong.

He gives understanding to the simple.

Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU

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