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We grow and outgrow

Facebook reminded me of a post I made in 2009, and the sight of what I wrote sent chills down my spine. I could never write that in my wildest imagination. Not even how shallow the post sounded but the unprofessional shorthand-like writing I used. The funniest thing is that when I wrote that post in 2009, I had written the best thing ever in my evaluation, but 13 years later, my piece of writing looked shallow to me. In the next ten years, I am sure I will look back at some of the things I am doing today, and I will still cringe at some things I am holding dear now. Amazingly, time teaches us wisdom.

This is life. We grow and outgrow. We don’t know how much growth has happened to us until we look back at our old things, pictures, writings and other things we held very important in the past. However, should we, because the future usually dwarfs the present, avoid expressing ourselves in the present?. NO. There is the YOU for every season so enjoy it. Growth does not mean that you are necessarily doing something different from what you used to do ten years ago but that you have evolved and have gotten better at doing the same thing. You now have more exposure, the time has tested you, and you have more nuanced dispositions.

Appreciate where you are today but much more where you used to be. Those little steps, mistakes, and confusion built you and moulded you to where you are today. You were not stupid 13 years ago; you have only grown.

He gives understanding to the simple.

Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU

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