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The Price of Desperation

The price we pay for being desperate could be costlier in the long run. I was once told a story of a man in Ibadan who wanted to buy a car at all costs, even when he knew he could not afford a car that would not give him issues. He then began this long search for a cheap car. He was looking for anything that drives, even if it’s rickety and problematic. He was introduced to someone who wanted to dispose of a bad car, and he went to see the car. The seller told him all that was wrong with the vehicle, but his desperation would not allow him to think about the repercussions of buying such a car. He just wanted to be called a car owner. Some of his friends advised him to wait until he had enough money to buy a relatively good car. His desperation would not allow him to listen, so he bought the cheap but problematic vehicle.

He spent approximately 50,000 Naira weekly to repair the car amidst several public embarrassment cases. There was no time he moved the vehicle without opening the bonnet to touch something or push something back into its rightful position. By the end of 6 months, he had become so frustrated and had spent so much money that if he had put the money together and waited, he could have bought a relatively good car after six months. He wanted to sell the car, but no one was willing to make him an offer. He eventually sold the car to an automobile mechanic who dismantled the car for scraps of metals and any remaining valuable parts. He lost so much money in 6 months and yet did not enjoy having a car because of desperation.

What are the lessons we can learn here;

1. Desperation suspends your sense of time and makes you think you do not have time to wait.

2. Desperation makes you settle for what is available rather than what is possible.

3. Desperations give you a false sense of urgency, which causes you to sell yourself cheap.

4. Desperation makes you force a process that is about to be ripe into a premature manifestation.

5. The price of desperation is costlier in the long run.

He gives understanding to the simple.

Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU

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