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Ten lessons I have learned over the last three years

1. Personal development is non-negotiable for leaders.
The information, skills, and resources that leaders require to continue leading and making effective judgments are anchored in their continual pursuit of growth and development. You can’t give what you don’t have.

2. Nothing awful will happen to those who did not assist you.
We don’t need to keep making enemies of those who didn’t help us. Nothing unpleasant will happen to them, and they will continue to enjoy greater wealth and a better quality of life. Your assistance was not with them, but that does not make them evil people.

3. Success is frequently found in stumbling rather than structure.
It has remained a mystery why certain things we planned with all of our energy ends up not flying like some things we just did for “doing sake”.

4. People at the top do not have permanent adversaries; they are simply friends in transit.
I was recently at a place where two IT ecosystem executives were signing deals together despite their online vehement disagreements.

5. Your circle defines your height.
The same way your surrounding influences your productivity and quality of life, the people you surround yourself with influence the flow of resources, information, and opportunities into your life.

6. A single piece of useful information is preferable to millions of assumptions.
Information is what provides one a competitive advantage in life.

7. Anyone who will be distinctive in their generation must move differently.
A 750 Horse Power Engine is built differently from a 350 Horse Power Engine. If you want to fly, you can’t keep doing internships with chickens.

8. Sincerity without direction is “sincerely wrong.”
A few years ago, I was wasting my time and money on a dormant investment portfolio. Despite my sincerity for investment and financial freedom, I lost because I was investing without direction and strategy.

9. Most individuals we think have it all together and are successful are actually just doing it afraid every day.
I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with folks I’ve respected from afar, and one thing that has been consistent with all of them is that “having it figured out is a farse.” These folks, no matter how successful they have become, are still doing it afraid every day. Nobody had the blueprint for success; all that is required is consistency and everyday action.

10. There is prosperity in service.
Some of the most significant steps I’ve taken in my life have been from referrals from people I’ve honestly served with my time and talent.

He gives understanding to the simple

Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU

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  1. Eric Eric

    Amazing thoughts, it is full of golden advices, thanks for sharing.

  2. Evelyn Emeahara Evelyn Emeahara

    Very good read!

  3. Nisha Uwase Nisha Uwase

    Loved reading this!

  4. Enough for me to rejuvenate
    Thank you Sir!

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