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Category: Life lessons

Self Label Expertise: bearing the title but not doing the work

I recently had the very rare privilege to sit down with Africa’s father of the Internet in an interview for our ongoing research project on Blockchain and the summary of the conversation for me is that the people that will change the world are those who, despite the height of their knowledge and accomplishments are still humble enough to know that there is still so much unknown and are humble enough to keep learning and evolving. The above contrasts with many young people who have not mastered anything but are brandishing themselves as experts. With no shades intended, I have…

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I used to have a friend who had a roommate he had issues with. Each time I visited this friend of mine, I engaged in conversations with his roommate, but he always had problems with it. His roommate, in my opinion, was a cool guy with a lot of knowledge on Africa. I asked my friend why he does not like me, speaking to his roommate; he listed a thousand and one reasons why the guy is a bad person. I was not convinced with his standpoint about his roommate, and I decided to move closer to the roommate, of…

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In 2012, I was on an errand for one of my mentors in her Peugeot 504 salon car on the University of Ibadan campus. I quickly went to my hostel to pick my ID card before I drove to the school gate, where I was to pick up something. On my way out of my residential hall, I saw two ladies waiting for a cab in the hot sun in front of Zik hall. I stopped to give them a lift to the school gate. The minute I stopped in from of them, they walked away to the other side.…

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I had just graduated from secondary school, and I had some time to help my father on his farm. On a Saturday morning, I hopped on the motorbike with my father. In our usual tradition, we branched at a local restaurant around the Omodeni axis of town to eat very hot Amala Lafun with Ewedu and my favourite Gbegiri before heading to the farm. It was very unusual for my dad to ask me to eat more than my regular 50 naira plate, but he asked me to eat more on this particular day. I suspected he wanted me to…

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