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Month: August 2022

Can your experience expire?

Despite all of your understanding of strategy and your ability to see a long distance, you will not always make the proper choice. There will be a few instances in which your vision will go fuzzy, causing you to fall down. There will be a few instances in which your experience will let you down, and you will come dangerously close to questioning everything that you had learned and perfected along the way. There will be times in your life when the lessons you’ve learned will appear to have been forgotten, causing you to question your level of knowledge. You…


When “one” teaches, “two” learn.

Teaching has been one of the most important factors in my personal development over the past four years. Aside from the fact that I have had the opportunity to teach at a university where the emphasis is placed on the student’s learning, the caliber of the questions that students ask will challenge a teacher to be more. Teaching has helped me realize that all of my previous experiences, even the ones that appeared pointless and unimportant, are actually treasure troves of information and direction for the students I teach. In my classes, I found myself analyzing and making connections between…

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