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Month: July 2022

Reputational Dividends

Recently, something really interesting has been happening to me. When I meet someone new and we begin relating, I soon notice that they know someone I already know. The scary aspect is that the new person I had just met would have had a chat with the person we both knew before I realized they knew each other, and they would have had chats about my character before I find out. Even while I had not received any unfavorable comment from these mutual friends, it made me question my own character. What if I had previously maltreated these individuals?.  Surprisingly,…

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Ten lessons I have learned over the last three years

1. Personal development is non-negotiable for leaders. The information, skills, and resources that leaders require to continue leading and making effective judgments are anchored in their continual pursuit of growth and development. You can’t give what you don’t have. 2. Nothing awful will happen to those who did not assist you. We don’t need to keep making enemies of those who didn’t help us. Nothing unpleasant will happen to them, and they will continue to enjoy greater wealth and a better quality of life. Your assistance was not with them, but that does not make them evil people. 3. Success…