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Month: April 2022

Say NO and don’t feel bad about it

I reflected on some of the major decisions I made last year. After a few minutes of deep reflection, it dawned on me that the most significant decision I made last year was to learn how to say NO. That sounds funny, right?. In 2019, I said yes to many things that eventually ended badly. Many people wanted me to be part of what they were doing, speak, write, present, etc. I said YES to several things to the point where I was getting lost and barely had any time for myself and my family. I said yes to speaking…

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Brilliance is not enough

In one of the “letter to my son” series that I share once in a while on my Facebook page, I shared a piece with the line “consistency will take you where brilliance fails”. It is not enough to be brilliant in a world that loves brilliance and genius. I know that I have at least ten books living in my belly that I must produce and share with the world, but I need the discipline to write the books. No matter how brilliant I am, I need the consistency to keep writing these books in bits. My consistency must…

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I travelled so much; I am building an airport

Who else is wondering what type of title is this? I am surprised myself. That was the phrase that came to my mind as I thought about what to share with you. Folarin Falana said that line in one of his songs with SIMI. He tried to use that line to brag to SIMI that he has travelled so much that he is now building his own airport. While the line sounded funny, there is a lesson in it. In life, we all desire to become experts in something or be known as an authority in a craft, a business…

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The blessings in random conversations

I was looking for a company that could execute a brief for a friend’s startup a while ago. I have had it rough getting a company that can do what my friend expected. I had been scouting for almost a month until one morning. How did it happen?. I went to the car wash close to my house to do my routine Sunday morning car wash before church. I was seated on the customer’s balcony of the car wash when one elderly but smartly dressed man walked to the chair beside me to take his seat. I greeted him, and…

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Pieces of advice and projection of insecurities.

I am writing to you seated on my balcony, enjoying the fast dwindling Kigali sun. I am reflecting on the issue of people projecting their insecurities on others as I sip my blackcurrant tea. A prominent story that comes to mind was a senior friend who once told me that the University of Ibadan Admission is not for me because he attempted it twice and was not admitted. He told me never to try again because if he did not make the cut-off mark, someone like me would never come close to the lowest range of the cut-off. I eventually…

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The unshared, unpublished and the unspoken.

A few days ago, I was going through the drive where I saved all my articles, and I noticed that I had up to 100 unpublished pieces in the drive. I was intentional enough to go through at least 50 articles to understand why I have not published them. As I read through them, one thing became apparent; I did not publish them because I was very critical of them, and I wanted them to pass through the test of time and thoughts before making them public. I did not publish some of them because I was not sure of…

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